General history


Perfect Serenity is where it all begun. It was 1998 when this story came to Conan in a vision, a dream which made him decide to become a comicbook writer. Years of hard work, perfecting his drawing techniques and laying the foundation to build this epic story  on followed. It took 15 years to write the first version of the book which first came out in 2013 in a two sided book with Von Ripper; the Double Dutch Debut.


In 2015 the improved version came out as an epub3, but because of the interactive properties of the book it was decided a printed version was necessary to present the book as it was meant. This was realised under the altered subtitle Rewired Religion.

Perfect Serenity



The first part of the story is set in the magnificent city Managradd; magnificent due to the size of it and the flawless system of population control they uphold rather than any rate of beauty or happiness it holds. It is literally a city of many layers from the high up ruling class to the dark suburban streets so far off the radar they never see the light.


The people of Managradd live in a system in which there is little room for error. As any thought which does not compute with the Capitol Command has a fatal outcome and no thought is a secret since every mind is linked to the system which controlls them, they have little choice but to obey. Ofcourse like in any advanced society there are people who know how to keep off the radar, or in any case for some time. Thus illegal drugfacilities are existent with a wide web of low life drugdealers.


The human hands of the law are the highly trained Elites; assassins who track disturbances and quietly eliminate them as ordered. They are allowed to lead a good life, with good incomes and liberties which others have not, but even they are nothing but tools of High Rule.


The main character of Perfect Serenity is the top of the Elites: Elite XIII. Trained from a young age he knows nothing more than to obey his orders and make the most of his free time, enjoying himself with women and illegal substances. Working together with the highly advanced A.I. Datafly 213 he never fails his objective.


Datafly 213 is a fine piece of technology with learning capabilities in the form of a dragonfly. His intelligence is kept on the level of a 4 year old to assure he does not get too smart for his purpose and go rogue. His sole purpose is to aid Elite XIII on his missions.

Perfect Serenity